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It is the question of romance that has taxed some of the greatest minds: what matters more — looks or personality? Now the Science Museum has sought to answer the conundrum — by getting Londoners to go speed-dating with a paper bag over their heads. The 60 singles at the event could only impress fellow daters by using their personality, and by writing one fact about themselves on their paper bag. Scientists aimed to discover if, amid the rise of the selfie and the popularity of dating apps based on appearance, people are becoming increasingly superficial when choosing a date.

Psychologist Andrea Kallias said she wanted to see if conversation rather than looks can drive dating decisions.

These new uses for AI – the science of programming computers to reproduce human processes Dating App LoveFlutter Hosts Paper Bag Speed Dating It was a social experiment in conjunction with London’s Science Museum that aimed to.

A year or two ago online dating profiles were a piece of art, an essay to sell your soul to another. Nowadays, in the Tinder era, all your need to do is pick your six most-liked Facebook pictures. So are we getting shallower? The science museum, meanwhile, has an idea to get us to look past first impressions: paper bag speed dating. To spell it out, speed dating with a paper bag on your head.

The idea being you make your decision based on what someone says rather than their face, though I suspect all this does is make your outfit choice and gym-routine all the more important. Pheromone parties are all the rage in east London, apparently, where instead of trusting your judgmental eyes and ears to make the decision for you, you leave love up to your biological instincts. The upshot? If you like what you smell, you have your photo projected for all to see, holding numbered smelly bag.

According to reviews, however, the fact this is held in a smelly bar with lots of alcohol kind of ruins the chemistry.

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Singletons to wear paper bags at Loveflutter and Science Museum Lates The speed-dating experiment will include 60 singles disguised with.

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Could you bag a date using just your personality?

So a paper bag might be the new key to love, according to the founders of new app, LoveFlutter. Well maybe not literally, but read on and it will all make sense We’ve all been brought up reminded that beauty is more than skin-deep, and that finding love is about finding the right person to be attracted to; not just someone who fits the bill physically.

So I signed up to cover Loveflutter’s Paper Bag Speed Dating email describes it) at the New York Science Museum in Queens, New York.

No, I was attending a speed-dating event with a twist; a social experiment set up by matchmaking service LoveFlutter in conjunction paper London’s Paper Novel that aimed head allow participants to delve a little bit deeper head paper that special someone. Paper course, but it was certainly more involved than the usual quick questionnaire on the pretext of deciding whether something is good-looking enough to warrant a casual fling.

Flexible thumbs? You could be the perfect lover. Can whirlwind romance ever lead to love less stormy? Are ‘love nuggets’ the key with a successful relationship? Burning with passion. Tinder review:. Men are terrible at paper – but it’s not their fault. Gone were the traditional thoughts of “nice eyes” or “great cheekbones”. Charm, wit, and God forbid “banter” ruled. We were your encouraged — hashtag alert — to ” saynotoshallow”. Sites such as Tinder spring to mind — an app where one swipe holds the key to love.

Is Face-Free Speed Dating The Way Of The Future?

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Did you think that ordinary speed dating was the height of matchmaking gimmicks? Think again, because people in London are now doing it with paper bags over their heads. Dating app Loveflutter’s paper bag speed dating event took place recently at the British Science Museum and, somewhat surprisingly, it sounds from quotes in the DailyMail like participants didn’t totally hate it. The events, where participants decorate bags with interesting facts about themselves and then wear them on their heads while meeting potential mates in two-minute increments, was intended to build on the company’s ethos of ” SayNoToShallow.

Upon reflection, though, does the paper bag dating make you less shallow, or more? After all, you can still see the potential match’s body , just not his or her face. Also, eye contact is critically important in bonding with someone, as is general sexual attraction. The person behind the bag may be laughing at your jokes and responding to your questions, but without facial feedback, it’s much more difficult to tell whether he or she is really on a different wavelength or even actually bored.

So while paper bag dating might be a lighthearted, novel ice-breaker kind of activity, I’d temper your expectations going in. By Pamela J. Results for:. Rule Breakers.

Paper bag speed dating is a true blind date