Fans Are Certain Emma Watson Is Dating Her ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star Tom Felton and Here’s Why

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DEAR SIR: There were sample copies of the Bible Reader and Rural Home newspapers received here on April 2. I do not remember They were addressed to postmaster at Potter on wrapper. Don ‘ t remember all the names, but can find them out if you wish it. I sent you answers to the questions about that date.

Even those of us who remained skeptical about Severus Snape following the books, particularly after witnessing his involvement in the Potters’ demise and Dumbledore basically blackmailing him to be a double agent at his own risk, had to admit that Snape was truly a hero after reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , in which the potions master chooses the safety of the world over his own life. Doubt remains, however, for those found Snape’s pursuit of Lily less than romantic.

He explicitly chose the Dark Arts over his friendship with Lily after she made it clear to him that she wanted nothing to do with him if he chose to lurk down that path, yet he continued to care for her, and even protected her son, long after he lost her. Lily Evans and Severus Snape were best friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is confirmed in the text when Snape demands, ” Thought we were supposed to be friends?

Best friends? As much as people romanticize Severus Snape’s infatuation with Lily Evans, the fact that she did not love him back, at least in a romantic fashion, seems to go ignored by many fans of the series. Had he mourned Lily because she was a dear friend to him when no one else was, it would be much more palatable. Young Lily Evans seemed to hail from a normal family of muggles and never knew that a wizarding world until Snape explained things to her. He was her first wizarding friend and her introduction into the magical world that became her home.

Like Harry, she entered the world with no knowledge about magic, believing it to be pure fantasy, and Snape educated her about the ins and outs of what it meant to be a witch. Lily is often hailed as one of the brightest witches of her age, and some of that may be due to knowledge she received from the bright, if sullen, half-blood prince.

As Harry Potter’s professor, Severus Snape took merciless enjoyment in tormenting the Boy Who Lived, mocking everything from his fame to his scar and everything in between. One of Snape’s favorite jabs to make, which obviously hurt Harry the most, was regarding the arrogance and insufferable nature of Harry’s father, James. Harry had no way of knowing that his father was a rival of the potion master once upon a time, and even if he had known, it wouldn’t have made it any more bearable on a young boy who barely even knew his parents.

Dear Potter If I Were Dating You

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The first Divination class: A voice came suddenly out of the shadows, a soft, misty sort of voice. You may not have seen me before. I find that descending too often into the hustle and bustle of the main school clouds my Inner Eye. I must warn you at the outset that if you do not have the Sight, there is very little I will be able to teach you. The first term will be devoted to reading the tea leaves. Next term we shall progress to palmistry.

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The slide of Dearfoam slippers across carpet signaled the return of Robbie’s grandmother, Beatrix Potter abandoned me, and ran across the room to her mistress. Robbie would get so fussed when I’d tell people he was an agent, but the “She and Robbie were dating, you know, had been dating for a couple of years.

The title of this article is conjectural. Although it is based on canonical information , the actual name is a conjecture and may be supplanted at any time by additional information released from canonical sources. If this occurs, please move this page to the appropriate title. This letter was written by Mafalda Hopkirk to Harry Potter on 2 August , , notifying him that he had performed magic in front of a Muggle and was expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Though his expulsion was overturned, Harry was still to attend a hearing. We have received intelligence that you performed the Patronus Charm at twenty-three minutes past nine this evening in a Muggle-inhabited area and in the presence of a Muggle. The severity of this breach of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery has resulted in your expulsion from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Ministry representatives will be calling at your place of residence shortly to destroy your wand.

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My name is Aaron Concepcion. I am 9 years old and in fourth grade. After I read your book, I could not stop thinking about the great Puerto Rican humanitarian and baseball player, Roberto Clemente.

If he has any explanations as to why this can’t be done, we would be pleased to And then you passed that word on to Mr. Powell, by your letter, Mr. Potter, dated Eastern Illinois Railway Co., Chicago, Ill. You say this [reading] DEAR MR. this is a letter dated October 14, , to Mr. O. P. Van Sweringen from Mr. Potter.

As an active participant investigating the Calamity, the SOS was kind enough to provide storage for various levels of books as part of my research and training under Professor McGonagall. Without the proper storage, I can’t take advantage of the opportunities for advancement if my books are stacked on the floor collecting dust, not to mention the lost potential of all the duplicates I regrettably keep having to toss for lack of space.

Yes, indeed. I guess it doesn’t hurt to get a head start. I think I figured out what was going on here. This has been an itch in the back of my brain and I literally had to create a temporary dummy account to verify my theory. This confused me as I didn’t realize at the time, the natural progression through each series every time you prestige a book frame.

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Mafalda Hopkirk’s letter to Harry Potter (1995)

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HARRY Potter stars Emma Watson and Tom Felton have sparked openly about having a ‘terrible crush’ on Tom when they were. 7 “Just so you know, the little fangirl part in me just hyperventilated Congrats dear friend.

Love could possibly be in the air for Emma Watson and Tom Felton. Fans around the world are convinced these two co-stars, who starred in the Harry Potter films together, are currently dating. Emma Watson, who recently wrapped up shooting for her upcoming film Little Women , shared a striking black and white photo of herself and gave the credit to aspiring photographer Tom Felton.

Friends capture you best t22felton. Other users have shared how excited they are for their Harry Potter fanfiction to finally come true. In November , the actress shared a sweet photo and video of her and Felton having a fun day at the beach. The two friends are seen smiling happily as they are seated in the sand. The video shows Watson holding on to Felton as they ride on the same skateboard. Congrats dear friend. We talked about it — we still laugh about it.

17 details you might have missed in the ‘Harry Potter’ books

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Lily Evans and Severus Snape as Children in Harry Potter Had he mourned Lily because she was a dear friend to him when no one else was, When you love someone, you put their own happiness before your own.

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