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Jews had lived on the Iberian Peninsula for more than 1, years, producing philosophers, poets, diplomats, physicians, scholars, translators, and merchants. Historians still debate the number of Jews expelled; some estimate 40,, others , or more. Those who fled sought exile in places that would have them—Italy, North Africa, the Netherlands, and eventually the Ottoman empire. Many continued to speak Ladino, a variant of 15th-century Spanish, and treasure elements of Spanish culture.

Tens of thousands stayed, but converted, and remained vulnerable to the perils of the Inquisition. How many Jews were killed remains unclear, but a widely accepted estimate is 2, people during the first two decades of the Inquisition, with thousands more tortured and killed throughout its full course.

X Click on this key icon to return to the Sephardic SIG main page. Therefore, whereas in Ashkenazi research the date of birth of a child can sometimes be used.

Sephardic Jews are defined as the descendants of the ancient Jewish communities from the Iberian Peninsula. After they were expelled from Spain and Portugal between and , the Sephardic Jews settled in countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Turkey, as well as in regions of the Middle East and, later, in territories of Latin America and the United States of America. At Goy Gentile we count with a network of genealogists and historians from more than 50 countries specialized in determining Sephardic origin and localizing and obtaining the different evidence to prove Sephardic lineage.

In order to obtain the Portuguese Passport by Sephardic origin, it is necessary to be a descendant of a Sephardic Jew or to be a practicing Sephardic Jew. To apply to the relevant Jewish community and obtain the necessary certificate of Sephardic origin, we will need the following information:. Family Tree: The applicant must send to Goy Gentile his family tree with a minimum of four previous generations.

This must include first names, last names, place and approximate date of birth of the family members. Click on the following link to download the template. At Goy Gentile, we will send the applicant information to our experts historians and genealogist in order to get a direct line to the Sephardic ascendant if any. This analysis is cost-free. The applicant must send a letter from an Orthodox Rabbi certifying the status of Sephardic Jew as well as a family tree with a minimum of four previous generations, in order to receive certification from the Jewish community of Porto.

The applicant must send the family tree. Sephardic lineage research. Personal and specific documentation of each applicant.

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Recently viewed 0 Save Search. Editor: Yosef Kaplan. In those cities and later in London, Bordeaux, and Bayonne as well, Iberian conversos established their own Jewish communities, openly adhering to Judaism.

Yet, it is uncertain where he got the degrees of doctor of philosophy and medicine that on the title-page of his Medicus-politicus he claimed to hold. Once De.

Sephardi Jews , also known as Sephardic Jews, Hispanic Jews [2] or Sephardim [a] are a Jewish ethnic division originating from traditionally established communities in the Iberian Peninsula modern Spain and Portugal ; most were expelled from the region in the late 15th century. They had developed a distinctive diasporic identity that they carried with them to North Africa , South-eastern and Southern Europe , Anatolia , and the Levant , as well as the Americas , and all other places of their exiled settlement.

They sometimes settled near existing Jewish communities, or were the first in new frontiers. Their millennial residence as an open and organised Jewish community in Iberia began to decline with the Reconquista. In both Spain and Portugal passed laws which allowed Sephardim who could prove their ancestral origins in those countries to apply for citizenship. More broadly, the term Sephardim today sometimes refers to traditionally Eastern Jewish communities of West Asia and beyond.

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Madrid: The Consulate. Consular Services. Information for Foreigners.

– is a private Sephardic Jewish online dating site whose objective is to provide singles with a new alternative to meeting, and ultimately dating.

A National Jewish Book Award finalist. As leading publishers and editors, they helped chronicle modernity as it was experienced by Sephardic Jews across the Ottoman Empire. The wars of the twentieth century, however, redrew the borders around them, in the process transforming the Levys from Ottomans to Greeks. Family members soon moved across boundaries and hemispheres, stretching the familial diaspora from Greece to Western Europe, Israel, Brazil, and India.

In time, the Holocaust nearly eviscerated the clan, eradicating whole branches of the family tree. They wrote to share grief and to reveal secrets, to propose marriage and to plan for divorce, to maintain connection. They wrote because they were family. And years after they frayed, Stein discovers, what remains solid is the fragile tissue that once held them together: neither blood nor belief, but papers.

With meticulous research and care, Stein uses the Levys’ letters to tell not only their history, but the history of Sephardic Jews in the twentieth century.

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The presence of these communities in the Iberian Peninsula goes a long way back, and in fact precedes the formation of the Iberian Christian kingdoms, namely Portugal. Until the 15th century, some Jews occupied very prominent places in Portuguese political and economic life. Notorious anti-New Christian riots broke out in , killing up to four thousand in a massacre in Lisbon.

After the massacre the crown softened its New Christian stance for a time, allowing migration. In the king requested to establish an inquisition to systematically persecute New Christians, but it was initially denied by the Pope. The Inquisition focused its attention on New Christians and crypto-Jews.

BILL GRANTING SPANISH CITIZENSHIP TO SEPHARDIC JEWS Applicants will fill out an application form in Spanish at the website of the Ministry of to 12 months from the date the application and corresponding documents are registered.

This law offers Portuguese citizenship to Sephardic Jews. You might be wondering what all the hubbub is surrounding this law. A look into the history of Sephardic Jews may enlighten you. The Iberian Peninsula is the region that covers Spain and Portugal. In , the King of Spain enacted the Alhambra Decree. The Alhambra forced Jews to choose between converting to Christianity and exile. Many of them chose to flee to Portugal. Manuel also began to expel Jews who refused baptism to Christianity.

Some Jews converted and remained in Portugal. Many Jews escaped to other regions and countries. Today, their descendants can be found in countries around the world, like Israel. In , Portugal enacted a new law to correct this moral and historical wrong. This law of return paves the way for descendants of Sephardic Jews to become citizens of Portugal.

The law offers Portuguese citizenship to Sephardic Jews.

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Publication Date: A Ladino textbook for Hebrew speakers. Title on title page verso: Ladino language: reading, writing and speaking. Ḳurso av’ansado i.

Home Publications About Us. English Deutsch. Sign In Create Profile. Advanced Search Help. Princeton University Press degruyter. Publications About Us. John M. German Jewry and the Allure of the Sephardic. Overview Contents In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as German Jews struggled for legal emancipation and social acceptance, they also embarked on a program of cultural renewal, two key dimensions of which were distancing themselves from their fellow Ashkenazim in Poland and giving a special place to the Sephardim of medieval Spain.

Where they saw Ashkenazic Jewry as insular and backward, a result of Christian persecution, they depicted the Sephardim as worldly, morally and intellectually superior, and beautiful, products of the tolerant Muslim environment in which they lived. In this elegantly written book, John Efron looks in depth at the special allure Sephardic aesthetics held for German Jewry.

Efron examines how German Jews idealized the sound of Sephardic Hebrew and the Sephardim’s physical and moral beauty, and shows how the allure of the Sephardic found expression in neo-Moorish synagogue architecture, historical novels, and romanticized depictions of Sephardic history. He argues that the shapers of German-Jewish culture imagined medieval Iberian Jewry as an exemplary Jewish community, bound by tradition yet fully at home in the dominant culture of Muslim Spain.

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Sephardi World Weekly shares brief introductions and links to timely, Sign-up now to stay up-to-date every Friday with the best that is being written online Sephardi Opera Singer’s Success, and Preserving Kosovo’s Jewish Sites & Stories.

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Naming Conventions The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron saying “The Israelites shall camp each with his standard under the banners of their ancestral homes”. The first that comes to mind is that Sephardim name children after persons who may be living or dead whereas Ashkenazim name their children after relatives that have died. Among Sephardim, the convention is to name the eldest son after the paternal grandfather and the eldest daughter frequently after the paternal grandmother.

Therefore, whereas in Ashkenazi research the date of birth of a child can sometimes be used to guess at the approximate year of death of the namesake, in Sephardic genealogy the name of the eldest son gives clues to the name of the paternal grandfather. This fact can sometimes be of great help in differentiating family trees.

Platform for the request of Sephardic origin certificates. certificate of sephardic ancestry at the FCJE, but who have not had it issued up to that date, may annex.

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This migratory movement, caused by the decline and disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, was most evident among Christians of different denominations. It included, however, large groups of Jews from Syria, Turkey, and the Balkan countries, whose declining communities in the Old World were balanced by the growth of new centers in the United States and in Latin America. In Latin America, immigrants from the Ottoman Empire were classified as turcos, not only by official statistics of the various countries, but also by the majority societies, which seldom distinguished between Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Turks.

In the case of Cuba, the largest group of immigrants from the Middle East came from Lebanon; in it was estimated that the Arab colony was composed of 22, Lebanese, 3, Syrians and 4, Palestinians.

By continuing to use the site or closing this banner, you are agreeing to our After Expulsion: and the Making of Sephardic Jewry Copyright Date: the burgeoning cities of the Ottoman Empire the center of the Sephardic world.

Jews found their way to the Iberian peninsula in the 5th century and lived there for over 1, years, acting as liaisons between Christians and Muslims and working as doctors, pharmacists, leather binders, tinsmiths, textile merchants, and traders. Once the Catholic rulers united their kingdoms and defeated the Muslims, Jews were no longer needed and were expelled in Very few countries wanted to accept them; these Spanish Jewish exiles many had converted in Spain under penalty of death found new homes in Amsterdam, London, South America, Morocco, and throughout north Africa, and especially in the Balkan lands recently conquered by the Ottoman sultans.

In 79 AD, Roman legions conquered Jerusalem and expelled the Jews, who would wander without a homeland for centuries. Jews found their way to Europe; the vast majority lived in the north and would become known as Ashkenazim. Here in the Balkans, traces of Jewish settlements date back to Roman times, but most Jews arrived after their expulsion from Spain in and were known as the Sephardim.

Legend has it that Jews from Spain took their house keys with them, hoping some day to return. By the 20th century, there were millions of Ashkenazi Jews living to the north, and less than , Sephardim living in the Balkans. Most of the Balkan Sephardim did not survive the Second World War; there are less than 4, of them in the western Balkans today. The same week that Columbus sailed west in , the last Jews of Spain were being expelled.

Even though they had lived there for a thousand years, religious intolerance threw them out. Where did they go?

Interview with Mr Meyer “Mickey” Kairey at the Sephardic Community Center November 6, 1984.